Hot water systems – gas, electric and solar solutions

Our team of experienced plumbers and gas fitters are here to help you find the best hot water system for your home, business or commercial building. From simple maintenance issues such as repairing leaking valves or pipes, through to a completely new installation or full replacement of your hot water system, our Cairns team of plumbers and gas fitters can help.

We assess each client’s individual requirements to determine the best hot water system to install. We work with many different brands and gas, electric and solar hot water systems, so we can advise what is the most efficient for you.

What are the different types of hot water systems for homes?

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

An electric storage hot water system is a storage tank where the water is stored ready for use. It has an electric element and thermostat for heating, storing water at 65 degrees in the tank. Lower temperatures are not advisable, due to the risk of legionnaires growing in a tank.

Electric hot water systems are the most common in apartments and houses, as they are usually the most cost-effective system to set up, however they are not the most efficient on energy use. The larger storage tanks can be set up on an electricity tariff to make them more efficient.

Aquamax Electric Hot Water System

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

A gas storage hot water system is a storage tank where the water is stored ready for use. It has a gas burner and thermostat for heating, storing at 65 Degrees in the tanks. Lower temperatures once again are not advisable. These need no electricity connection so are often used on off the grid houses. These are no more efficient then electric storage and sometimes will cost more to run.

Gas or Electric Continuous flow Hot Water Systems

A gas or electric continuous flow hot water systems heat the water as you require it, using either a gas burner system or electric element system.

The gas continuous flow systems are very efficient in smaller applications like small one-bathroom homes or granny flats, where hot water use is relatively low. This ensures you are only paying to heat the water you use and not paying for water to sit there in storage. They do take longer to deliver the water and long water pipe lines from the system are not advisable.

The electric continuous flow hot water systems are usually used in a kitchenette that is a long way from the main house hot water system or in a shop or commercial space.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pump hot water systems are an electric hot water system that are like a reverse air conditioner as they transfer the heat into the system to heat the water.

These are renewable energy systems and are extremely efficient, costing approximately one third of what an electric storage system to run. They do however, cost more to buy and install, but you can apply for a Small Scale Technology Certificates Rebate and receive a lump sum back as soon as your system is installed by a licensed Plumber and Electrician.

Typically, we find customers are able to pay off the extra cost to install a new heat pump system in just two years, with the savings you make. Traditionally, these systems don’t last as long as some electric storage systems, however their life span is improving, so you will get 8 to 10 years of use at a minimum. This means you will be getting at the least 6 years of savings, making it well worth installing these in your home.

Thermann Heat Pump Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems have a large storage tank where the water is heated by solar panels. There are two different types, close coupled – where the tank is on the roof with the panels and split system where the tank is on the ground and solar panels are on the roof. The split system requires a pump and controller to pump the water through the panel so will require electricity to run this.

Solar hot water systems are costly to install so these are best for a long-term property as it will take quite a few years to pay off your extra investment. With so many cloudy or rainy days in Cairns, these often require you having to boost the system with an electric booster. Boosting your solar system can potentially cost more than to run a heat pump for the year. The evacuated tube solar systems will heat on cloudy days, however they cost even more to purchase then standard panels. Solar Hot Water Systems are very efficient in areas with more sunny days.

Commercial Hot Water Systems

Coral Sea Plumbing are experts in servicing, repairing, replacing and installing all types of commercial hot water systems. Whether it be a hotel, restaurant or apartment building we have years of commercial plumbing and gas fitting experience and knowledge.

All our plumbers are trained with some of the biggest brand systems such as Rheem, Rinnai etc.

Systems we service, repair, replace and install include electric storage hot water plants, heat pump hot water plants, solar system hot water plants, gas storage hot water plants and gas continuous flow water plants.

Large hot water system plants require routine servicing to ensure they are operating at their most efficient and optimal. We offer and will develop a full-service manual for your hot water system plant.

We find many hot water system plants require servicing to ensure that they remain efficient and do not waste money.

Call our team of professionals today to book in a free quote for an assessment of your commercial hot water system plant.

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