Toilet repairs, replacements and installs

Whether your toilet is broken, not flushing, blocked or leaking, our team of plumbers provide a fast-professional service to repair, replace and install toilets in and around Cairns. We understand how important it is to have a well-functioning toilet which is why we also offer a same day call out for emergencies.

If you’re looking to add a new toilet to your home, we can help with drainage, selecting the right toilet for your preferred location and of course, installation.

Leaking toilet

If you suspect your toilet is leaking, it is worth looking to see whether the water leak is within the toilet or on the water connection to the toilet. It is important to check the tap and hose for a water leak quickly, to make sure it doesn’t burst and flood your home.

We prioritise emergency problems like toilet leaks, so turn the tap off and call our professional team to arrange a same-day toilet repair service.

There are many elements which can leak on a toilet and sometimes, water leaks can cause multiple issues. All of our plumbers have well stocked utes with most brand seals and rubbers, standard inlet and outlet valves for fast repairs on board.

Toilet blockages

If your toilet is blocked, it is worth checking whether it is just a simple blockage from too much toilet paper before you do anything else. If so, you may be able to use a toilet brush to plunge the toilet and dislodge the blockage. If it doesn’t clear, leave it to our team who will use specialist equipment required to get your toilet functioning as it should.

There are different types of blockages and some will just require a plunge however, if this is a constant issue there may be something else causing the problem. This could be a defective pan collar connector to the toilet – as these are often too narrow, they block very easily. If your toilet water surges after it flushes, it is more than likely you have one of these. In these instances, it is best to remove and replace the collar.

Other issues can occur further down the pipe and can be caused by tree roots or from back fall. These issues may take a drain cleaner or water jet to unblock. If the problem persists, we highly recommend the drain camera to investigate where the issue is exactly.

Toilet replacements

If your toilet is stained, cracked or if it doesn’t fit the style of your home, you may be looking to replace it completely. Our professional team of plumbers can help you select a quality, durable toilet that fits and install it for you.
If you need a quick quote, simply provide us with measurements  and photos of the full front view, top view and side view showing the tap and waste connection point. This will enable us to find the best toilet for your home and deliver a quote to you promptly.

Toilet installation

If you are looking to add a new toilet to your property, we can help. Whether it’s a single toilet in a new pool area or a whole new toilet in an ensuite or bathroom, let us measure up and get a quote to you promptly. Depending on the location and the property, we do sometimes ask you to gather information such as your As Constructed Drainage Plans from your local council, to help with locating your drainage pipes.

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